Who we are

WA Action is a co-operative organization that collaborates with local community groups to address the realities of poverty through social programs. We bring community stakeholders together, and we foster collaboration between businesses, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals. As part of our mandate to address poverty as a structural or systematic issue, WA Action supports projects that target transportation, learning, and food security.  


We focus on bringing affordable, reliable transportation to areas that do not currently have such services.

For example:

  • Supporting local door-to-door service providers in rural areas
  • Improving access to bicycles and cycling resources for people in need in cities or towns


We seek collaborative, creative initiatives that place an emphasis on lifelong learning.

For example:

  • Projects that focus on business development skills for marginalized populations
  • Draft-proofing workshops that help people to make their homes more energy efficient and increase knowledge of home maintenance ownership

Food Security

We support actions that increase accessibility of healthy food for all through a cohesive network of partners.

For example: